After School Alternative-Daily Dragons

After School Care

Currently we pick up at several schools in Edmonton & Grande Prairie, to see if we pick up at your school check the lists below. If your school is not on the list give us a call to see if we can add it to our routes.

Martial Arts + After School = Free Evenings!

Why go to daycare when you can go to Taekwon-Do? Combine after school activities with daycare!

We pick up from school, you pick up from our facility. 

Contact us to see if we can pick up from your child’s school.

Or call to REGISTER now!

More Information

Please contact our office to see if we can add your child’s school.

Edmonton: 780-669-6666
Grande Prairie: 780-830-3429

Sports Altertnative

Free up your evenings by combing daycare with extracurricular activities!