After School Alternative-Daily Dragons

After School Care

We pick up from several schools in Edmonton.

Martial Arts After School =
Free Evenings!

Keeping our children active can be quite a challenge. 

Why have them go to daycare when they can go to Taekwon-Do?
Combine after school  care with being active!

We pick up from school, you pick up after work and have available family time. 

Contact us for more information!

More Information

Please contact our office on how to get your child involved.

Edmonton: 780-669-6666

what we offer

Our After School Alternative allows for more free time for:
* Family Time
* Homework
* Other activities & interests.

Along with fitness, self-defense and taekwon-do skills
we  help students with:

* Confidence building
* Character development
* Building lasting friendships
* and so much more!

Why choose Tien Lung?
* We provide a safe, structured training program
* All our instructors are certified by CATpro
(Canadian Association of Taekwon-Do Professionals
* Tien Lung has been an established member of the
community since 1992.
* Tien Lung has been a Consumers Choice award
winner for several years.