It's time to BReAK!

Dragon Challenge Breaking Event is happening on May 12! Breaking for all ages and all levels…compete against yourself!

9 am-12 pm

Little Dragons (4-5)
Black Belt Peewee (11-13)
White Belt & Novice Kids (6-12)
Black Belt Juniors (14-15)
White Belt & Novice Teens & Adults (13-17, 18+)


1-4 pm

Black Belt Juniors: (16-17)
Advanced & Black Stripe Kids (8-12)
Black Belt Adults (18-34)
Advanced & Black Stripe Teens & Adults (13-17, 18+)
Black Belt Veterans (35+)



Bring your friend to watch you break, and once you're done, your buddy can try a FREE board breaking lesson!

They can feel the thrill of breaking a board and earn a 'Certified Board Breaker' pin!!

Dragon Challenge Breaking Event

Personal Best Challenge

In this event, competitors compete against THEMSELVES! 

All those with good technique & attitude, can win gold medals! 

Techniques & Times

All the techniques, board colours, and times are listed in the rules.

NOTE: Novice = Yellow Stripe to Green Belts and Advanced = Blue Stripe to Red Belts


All breaking events will be held at 10744-124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 0H1.

Registration must be done in advance, and online by May 10, 2018.  Event takes place May 12, 2018


See what the Dragon Challenge Breaking Event offers

Little Dragons


for both events!

Three Breaking Techniques

Obstacle Course Breaking

Guaranteed to win a medal!

White Belt, Purple Stripe & Purple Belt

Ages 4 & 5

*Full uniform required

Colour Belts


for all 3 events!

3 HAND techniques

3 FOOT techniques

5 target combination break

Break all GOLD!

Ages 6 & up

*Full uniform required



for all 3 events!

4 HAND techniques

4 FOOT techniques

8 target combination break

Break all GOLD!

Ages 11 & up

*Full uniform required


Bring a friend with you, and after you are finished competing & have received your medals, your friend can try a FREE board breaking lesson! Certified Board Breaker pins are awarded to Breaking Lesson participants. *Minors must be accompanied by legal guardian.