Buddy Day & Shaker Party

March 17

2 EVENTS on St. Patrick's Day!


What a great way to spend St. Patrick’s Day! Bring your non-Taekwon-Do friend to class!  Your buddy will try some beginner moves, a board break and get a chance to see what you have learned!


Adults over 18 are invited to the Tien Lung St. Patrick’s Day Shaker!  Party tickets are available online and at the door. The shaker is being held at Sherbrooke Community Hall (13008-122 Avenue).  Babysitting is available at the Dojang (10744-124 Street). Purchase tickets & register for babysitting HERE!

March 17, 2018

Bring your friend to the Tien Lung dojang at 10744-124 Street.

11:45 am

Remind your friend to wear loose clothing, sweats/leggings,  t-shirt, bare feet, long hair tied back and no jewellery.


REMEMBER, a WAIVER must be signed in order to participate.  If your buddy is under 18, their parent must sign it.  Waivers can be picked up in class or at the Front Desk.