Weekend Seminar B

Weekend Seminar B

Sept 23 & 24, at HQ Edmonton


Registration Deadline is September 14. See your Front Desk to Register


Remember, Colour Belts must have at least 2 Weekend Seminars completed before testing for Black Belt.

What are you waiting for!?

Seminar Topics

Seminar will cover:

Patterns, Sparring, Breaking, Step Sparring, Pressure Point Self Defense and MORE!

Seminar Rates

Depending on your membership, the seminar fees are:

$115 MC, $130 BBC, $160 Reg

OR, budget the seminar costs right into your monthly membership fees, simply upgrade by calling Student Services.


This very informative, action packed seminar is taught by Senior Master Wisniewski, Master Wisniewski, Mr. Martinez, Mr. Pagnotta & Mr. Santos. All of the very best instructors in once place!