After School & Daily Dragons

Children can start as young as 4, as long as they are enrolled in Kindergarten.
No, our pick-up program operates only after school, so we pick up children at afternoon dismissal. Kindergarten children must either attend afternoon or full day Kindergarten, in order to be picked up for Daily Dragons.
If you wanted your child to attend part-time, you would register for the full-time program, and let us know which days your child does not need pickup.
Children with special needs do very well in this program, because of the routine, consistency and clear expectations.
There are a few different options for trying out the Daily Dragons Program. Try the various camps that we offer, such as Chrismas Camp, or Summer Camp. Or try one month of regular Daily Dragons (this is the only option that includes pickup at school).
No, it can be for as short or as long as you want, anywhere from 1 to 12 months. Pricing varies dependant on the length of term chosen.
We do have a few fees, but they can be avoided with clear communication and care. Fees for Failure-to-Notify, Search Fees are simply a matter of communication to notify us if your child is absent or will not be taking the bus. Students are provided with everything they need to participate safely. If your child loses or forgets an item, they will be issued a replacement for a fee. All additional fees are added to your account and can be paid at the Front Desk or online.
One of our easily identifiable vehicles will either be waiting for your child or will arrive within approximately 15 minutes of the dismissal time depending on traffic and weather (better later and safe, than sorry!).
No, we cannot accommodate changes in dismissal times. On switched dismissal days, the Tien Lung bus will be available to pick up at the regular dismissal time. Students can be dropped off at the Dojang on these days for the regularly scheduled class time. The Dojang will be open at noon on Friday of switched dismissal to accommodate any students being self-transported to the Dojang.
Yes, we offer camps on Professional Development and Faith Development days throughout the year.
No, on days when your regular school classes are cancelled, we will not be picking children up at their school or from home. You must drop your child(ren) off at our facility before 9:00 am, which is our final check in time.
Yes, on rare occasions, if we are experiencing weather below -35˚C, Dangerous Road Conditions, and/or severe weather watches, bus pick up may be cancelled to ensure the safety of all students. Should we need to cancel pickup, we will notify the schools and a phone message and email will be sent to the parents/guardians using the information we have on file.
No, The Daily Dragon Program will not be offered on any Statutory or Civic Holidays.
Your child will be ready for pick up between 5:30 and 5:45 pm. There will be a grace period of 15 minutes (until 6:00 pm), for you to arrange for your child(ren) to be picked up. If pick up cannot be completed by 6:00 pm, please let us know in advance. If this occurs frequently then a late pick up fee will be charged. Exceptions may be permitted on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances. ALL students will be waiting for their ride in a designated area fully changed and ready to go home.
Your child’s training gear will be stored in their bin at the Tien Lung Dojang. The gear bag and other incidentals for tournaments and graduations, etc. will be taken home. Your child(ren) must take their uniforms home every Friday to be washed.
In the interest of student safety and accountability, we do not allow students to use electronics, including cell phones, on Tien Lung Buses or while at the Dojang. Electronics are safest when they are left at home. Any electronics used on the buses or at the Dojang will be confiscated and returned to the child’s parent(s) when the student is picked up.
Yes, an important aspect of Taekwon-Do Training is character development: courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance and indomitable spirit. Our instructors are trained to guide the students towards these goals. This starts in and out of the classroom with a clear expectation of acceptable behaviour. The following strategies are used to guide student behaviour: Prompt the student: use of verbal instruction, hand gesture, light touch, or a combination of all three. (I.e. the Instructor may say, “Stand up please,” while motioning the child to stand, and providing support at the elbow.) Attract the attention of a student: make a noise or apply a sudden, light touch to a student who is not paying attention. This is not intended to cause pain or discomfort, but to get the student to re-focus. Redirect the student’s inappropriate behaviour: ask the student to complete a different task from the rest of the group, usually a fitness activity such as sit-ups, pushups or burpees and then continue on with the rest of the group. Consequence of continued inappropriate behaviour: the student may be given a short time-out, or lose privileges (such as participation in part of an activity), and a parent conference/meeting may be scheduled. Tien Lung Taekwon-Do does not use strategies which involve punishment or physical force intended to cause any degree of pain or discomfort, however light.