1992 marked the start of what was to become one of Canada’s top martial arts organizations.  Tien Lung Taekwon-Do is a non-profit organization that was established with the original goal of increasing the quality of Taekwon-Do in Alberta.

Starting in the school gymnasiums as a “set up & take down” club, Tien Lung rapidly grew too large to continue this method of operation.  In addition, in order to meet the organization’s goals, students required more specialized equipment and greater access to facilities than was available in the school gymnasiums.

A 5000 square foot training center or “Dojang” was established in 1996. Due to the high level of instruction and the quality of the programs, the Dojang expanded to 10,000 square feet in 2000 and then to 15,000 square feet in 2003.   The Central Edmonton location remains the Headquarters for Tien Lung to this day.

Through increased education and hiring of full time high level instructors, Tien Lung was able to accomplish the following:

  • Alberta athletes (Tien Lung) earning 13 Gold, 12 Silver, 43 Bronze at ITF World Championships.  The number of Alberta members on the Canadian Team is much higher.
  • Alberta Coaches (Tien Lung) being chosen 17x as coaches for the Canadian National Team.
  • Alberta Seniors (Tien Lung) being Team Canada Managers or Delegates 7x
  • Founder Kari Wisniewski earned Global Woman of Vision award in 2000
  • Founder Terry Wisniewski awarded Most Dedicated Instructor by the International Taekwon-Do Federation in Minsk, Belarus, 2010.

Having set the competitive bar and achieved it, Tien Lung continues to produce world class athletes from it’s specialized competitive programs.

Tien Lung has now shifted their focus to work with parents to help them develop their children into becoming confident and successful members of the community with unshakeable integrity.