How & Why We Use Contracts

Sample DescriptionTien Lung is one of the rare PROFESSIONAL Martial Art schools that is focused on its students’ success. Our objective is the same for ALL our students and that is to help them become a REAL Black Belt. To become a REAL Black Belt takes time and commitment: we commit to providing the best instructors and best facility, and our students commit to coming to class, working hard, and earning their Black Belt.
No Problem! We KNOW life can get in the way of the best intended plans. That's why our Black Belt Club and Masters Club memberships have multiple early termination and extension options. Everything we could think of from what if you move away, are injured or lose interest, etc. If this happens, all you need to do is contact our office and they will be happy to walk you through the process and all you have to do is follow through.
As you know, the Internet allows a person to say whatever they want whether it is true or not. In the U.K. if you lie on the internet you can go to jail, unfortunately Canada is not this strict... yet. We are a professional organization, and actually in operation for over 25 years as such, WE adhere to the law, and unfortunately that means we are not allowed to defend ourselves. The Personal Information and Privacy Act (PIPA) prevents us saying what actually happened. Like all professional organizations, we keep accurate records and record all phone calls and could refute or explain what has been derogatorily stated in any of the situations presented in negative reviews. The majority of the problems have arisen because people have simply decided not to keep their word and don’t want be responsible for their actions. We invite you to come and check us out for yourself, we are open and transparent.
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! For our evening programs, you start with an introductory lesson and are given a handout with basic information about Tien Lung. THEN you attend TWO MONTHS of classes. During that time you can talk to any of our staff (instructors & administration), our students, and the parents in the viewing room. In addition, during the two months, you will be contacted by our administration by phone a few times to touch base, to see how you are doing, to answer any questions you have, and explain our membership options. IF you decide that becoming a Tien Lung Black Belt and all its benefits is what you want for yourself or your child, then you can call Student Services and request membership paperwork that you can sit down and take the time to read and sign or….not. The choice is yours.
YES. Daily Dragon students have the option of month-to-month memberships. Early termination and extension options only apply to Black Belt Club and Masters Club Memberships. Please make sure to select the membership that works best for you and your family.