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Beginner Offers

Two Month Trial

Perfect for giving our classes a good try
  • 2 months classes

  • Free uniform

  • Free tour & intro lesson

  • Beginners welcome

  • First step towards black belt!

Drop-In FIT Boxing Class

Technical drills & fitness
  • $25 for 5 classes

  • Special pricing includes boxing wraps

  • Class starts September 14, 2019

  • Ages 11+

  • New members welcome!

After School Program

call for info
After school sports alternative
  • 1 to 12 month options

  • Free uniform

  • Daily busing included

  • PD & FD Days included

  • Camps included

Tien Lung Taekwon-Do

News & Events

DMA Challenge 2019 Results

Congratulations! Our competitors did an excellent job! Medal Results We’re so proud! This past weekend, Nov 1st-2nd, our Competitive and Daily Dragon athletes competed in Calgary at the Destiny Martial …

Dojang TLC

Dojang TLC We’d love your help in improving our facility! Sign up now! It’s time to give our dojang some tender loving Care! The more the merrier! Parents, friends, family …

Halloween Sleepover Party

Halloween Sleepover! Celebrate Halloween with your instructors and friends! Register NOW Costume Contest, Movies, Games, and more! A great chance to have fun, hang out at the Dojang, and maybe …


PD DAYS All PD days are booked online! REGISTER Daily Dragons PD Days are now available to be booked online.  Please log into your MINDBODY account, and register for the …

Tien Lung Taekwon-Do


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Tien Lung Taekwon-DO

Founders & Head Instructors

Senior Master Wisniewski
Master Wisniewski

About Us

Our History

1992 marked the start of what was to become one of Canada’s top  …READ MORE…

Our School

Why Parents Choose a Black Belt School? Because they know their children will …READ MORE…

Our Mission

We believe in building a society that is free and peaceful. We believe in …READ MORE…


In honour of the Taekwon-Do founder, General Choi Hong Hi and Senior Master Blake, …READ MORE…